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Popular Questions

What is Ride?

Ride is a new app for people to share and record their experiences cycling in their city. Using Ride is incredibly simple. Ride can tell when you get on your bike, and it starts logging your ride automatically! When you're done riding, you'll get notified: 

You can rate your ride directly from the notification:

Your anonymous trip rating data will help us quantify your city's bicycle infrastructure. Once we have enough anonymous trip ratings you can use our Stress Map to find low-stress routes.

Ride will save your rides, trophies, and stats for your reference. You can even earn rewards and get green light signal priority in some cities.

If you want to track you bike rides and improve biking infrastructure download Ride here

How do I use Ride?

Ride Report is really easy to use. Simply install Ride Report and launch it. Ride Report will automatically detect when you start a bike ride! So go about your business and don't worry about it. 

When Ride Report detects a bike ride, it will record the trip for you. When you are finished, Ride Report will send you a notification to rate your trip. Swipe left on the notification to reveal the ratings: 

Trip ratings are very helpful as they will help you and other cyclists find better bike routes. 

Ride and Apple Watch

Apple Watch is the perfect match for Ride. There is no need to configure anything. Simply wear your Apple Watch and Ride will notify you when you finish your rides. Rate them directly from the Watch and never take your iPhone out of its place! 


How does Ride work?

Ride uses your phone's accelerometer and location services to automatically detect and store your bike rides. Using a mix of mapping technologies we overlay your rides on a map of your town.

When we have enough anonymous trip data for a location, we can show a Stress Map that illustrates low-stress routes and problem areas. 

If you're interested in using Ride Report for your city, let us know!

What is the Ride Stress Map?

The Ride Stress Map is a graphical representation of bike rides throughout a city. 

The green lines are rides that have been marked as good, while the red lines are rides that have been marked as troublesome. The thicker the line, the more rides that have used this route. You can see problem areas when green routes turn to yellow or orange, so be careful around these parts! By following the green routes, you can find a stress-free ride.

The Ride Stress Map is only available in locations with a significant number of bike trips logged If you're interested in getting the Ride Stress Map for your city, download our app and let us know

How do I pause or stop Ride?

Not to worry! If you want Ride to stop automatically detecting your bike rides, you can pause Ride by opening the app, tapping on the gear icon in the bottom right corner, and selecting 'Pause Trip Tracking.'

Then choose whether you'd like to pause Ride for an hour, until tomorrow, for a week, or just for now.

Why should I create a Ride account?

Create a Ride account so you can access your personal trips in case you change, lose, or damage your phone.

Your data remains anonymous and cannot be accessed by others who do not have your phone or access to your email account.

Will Ride drain my battery?

We've worked really to hard to make Ride battery-friendly. If you are using a newer device, battery impact should be below 10% depending on the amount of activity you do that day.

If you are ever wary about your battery life, you can pause Ride by opening the app, clicking on the gear icon in the lower right corner, and selecting 'Pause Trip Tracking.' 

Then choose whether you'd like to pause Ride for an hour, until tomorrow, for a week, or just for now.

I'm experiencing issues with Ride

We've worked really hard to make sure Ride works properly all the time, but you may encounter an occasional issue. If you experience something that is out of the ordinary, please help us out and report it. To do so: Open Ride and click on the gear icon in the lower right corner.

Then select "report an issue"

If you are using an iPhone, you will need to have your Mail app setup. If you are using Android, you will be prompted to select your preferred email app. In your message, please let us know the approximate date and time of the start of the trip when you encountered the problem and what the problem was. Please also include any details of what might have been happening, either out of the ordinary or not (e.g., stopped at a long traffic light). Your reports are really helpful in improving the app!

Can I rate just a part of my ride?

We're working on this right now! We hope to include this feature when we launch in our additional partner cities.

Ride missed some or all of my ride! What should I do?

That's no good! We want Ride to work automatically all of the time. Please report the issue to us and let us know what time you took the missing ride. Reporting issues to us helps us improve Ride for riders everywhere.

Can I export my Ride bike rides to another app (e.g., Apple Health)?

Ride integrates with Apple Health. We're planning to add integration with other third party apps and the ability to export your raw data soon! If you're interested in integrating your app with Ride, send us an email at info@ride.report.

Ride detected the wrong transportation mode. How can I change it?

Don't worry! It's easy to fix a misidentified trip and doing so actually makes Ride smarter. Open the Ride Report app and click on the misidentified trip. Then select 'Not a Bike Ride?'

Choose the correct mode of transportation.

Given the many transportation options around, we have added even more choices!

Your trip will be updated and you've helped make Ride better.

How much data does Ride use?

Ride is optimized to use very little data. For example, Ride typically uses about 30kb for a 3 mile trip. Most of the time Ride won't even upload this tiny amount of data over your provider's wireless network. It waits until your iPhone is on WiFi and connected to a power source to upload this data. Doing this reduces battery consumption and usage of your data plan. 

Ride only records one trip when I change transportation modes. How can I fix this?

If you change transportation modes and only stop briefly (e.g., if you ride your bike to the train), Ride may record this as only one trip instead of as two separate trips.

To prevent this, you can manually end your first trip while it is still in progress and Ride will begin your next trip automatically.

Swipe left on the in progress trip and tap "End Trip."

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